PrEPnu Mission

PrEPnu was founded in 2015 as a grassroots initiative by a group of men who had grown impatient with the lack of action from politics and professionals regarding PrEP in the Netherlands. Among the founders were representatives from other organizations such as Hiv Vereniging, Aidsfonds, COC, and Poz&Proud, but we have always maintained an independent path and remained true to our origins as a community initiative, separate from formal organizations.

PrEPnu is dedicated to ensuring accessible PrEP and PrEP care for everyone in need in the Netherlands.

Our primary focus is on the LGBT community, particularly gay and bisexual men, as PrEP holds significant value for them. However, our goals extend beyond this group. As a community-driven initiative, we are actively engaged in our community, educating people about PrEP. This involves outreach efforts at parties and other events, providing essential information, as well as conducting workshops to delve deeper into the subject. Additionally, we advocate and lobby with politicians and professionals to establish proper PrEP regulations.

Seamless access to PrEP is a concrete and essential objective.

Yet, it does not exist in isolation. We believe this is a crucial matter for several underlying reasons. First and foremost, it is vital for curbing the HIV epidemic. Moreover, it helps dispel the fear of HIV, which is a reality for many gay and bisexual men, enhancing their sexual well-being. Finally, it contributes to reducing taboos surrounding the sexual experiences of gay and bisexual men and combating HIV stigma.

PrEPnu has always been committed to collaboration, following the motto: we work with everyone but let no one hold us back. We have partnerships with organizations such as Aids Health Foundation, GGDs, COC, Hiv Vereniging, Aidsfonds, and Soa Aids Nederland, both in lobbying efforts and organizationally.

Since 2015, we have been working closely with a group of organizations and experts in the field, united as the lobbying group “PrEPared.” Together with them, we have endeavored, and continue to do so, to encourage politicians to make PrEP as accessible as possible. Results have varied (see “Brief Bruins”).

When the government sought advice from the Health Council for their policy decision, we, together with Hiv Vereniging, Aidsfonds, and COC, had the opportunity to present our points to the committee. This took place in June 2017. Check out the advice that the Health Council gave to the minister.

The national politics proved quite challenging when it came to PrEP. Motions from D66 and GroenLinks to introduce PrEP as quickly as possible often depended on the support of VVD, who, in turn, would back out during the voting process. We heard in the corridors that many members of parliament still held significant prejudices regarding homosexuality (although PrEP is not exclusively about homosexuality…). An offered petition from PrEPnu, containing 4,349 signatures, did not change this situation.

We achieved a small victory with the Municipality of Amsterdam in July 2017 when they allocated extra funds for the expansion of InPrEP at GGD-Amsterdam. PrEPnu spoke out when the motion (again from D66 and GroenLinks) was discussed in the city council.

PrEPnu has always been prominently present at debates on PrEP, such as the PrEP TALK in De Balie in September 2016 and the PrEP Debacle in February 2017 at Club Church.

As PrEPnu, we also participate in the We Are PrEPared group, which includes GGDs, general practitioners, Soa Aids Nederland, and PrEP experts, working to implement low-threshold PrEP and PrEP care at GGDs according to the Brief Bruins. As it stands, the third quarter of 2019…

In 2016, PrEPnu supported the boat of Poz & Proud, the gay men’s section of Hiv Vereniging, which was the first to draw attention to PrEP during the Amsterdam Canal Parade. In 2018, PrEPnu participated in the parade with a boat full of PrEP Warriors. PrEPnu also joined the Pride Walk, which traditionally opens Pride Amsterdam, three times. Drag queen Jennifer Hopelezz (also a member of PrEPnu without makeup) was an ambassador for Pride Amsterdam 2018, using her ambassadorship to promote and advocate for PrEP.

In 2017, PrEPnu achieved a significant success by negotiating lower prices for PrEP through discussions with pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies.

PrEPnu is present at major parties and events with its team of volunteers to inform the general public and especially potential PrEP users about PrEP. By being visibly present, we aim to ensure that the understanding of PrEP becomes increasingly integrated into our community.

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PrEPnu has been present at:

  • 19.03.2022 — FunHouse Amsterdam
  • 30.10.2021 — Meijt Party Amsterdam
  • 23.10.2021 — Liquid Kiddy Party Amsterdam+
  • 16.10.2021 — Roze zaterdag Leeuwarden
  • 03.08.2021 — Chmsex Companie Theater
  • 15.02.2020 — FunHouse Amsterdam
  • 14.02.2020 — GayCircus Amsterdam
  • 13.02.2020 — GayCircus Amsterdam
  • 26.01.2020 — COC True Colors
  • 22.12.2019 — FunHouse Amsterdam
  • 29.11.2019 — SOA AIDS Bijeenkomst Berlage Amsterdam
  • 28.11.2019 — COC Tilburg/Breda Voorlichting
  • 17.11.2019 — COC Walkin Party Eindhoven
  • 02.11.2019 — COC Niet alleen Anders Utrecht
  • 26.10.2019 — Leather Pride Invasion
  • 12.10.2019 — FunHouse Amsterdam
  • 05.10.2019 — COC Cocktailparty Eindhoven Pand 54
  • 05.10.2019 — BN Panama
  • 14.09.2019 — Streetheart Party Amsterdam
  • 14.09.2019 — MSM Leiden voorlichting
  • 07.09.2019 — Pride Dordrecht
  • 03.08.2019 — FunHouse Pride Amsterdam
  • 02.08.2019 — Streetparties Amsterdam
  • 28.07.2019 — Milkshake 2019 Amsterdam
  • 27.07.2019 — Milkshake 2019 Amsterdam
  • 27.07.2019 — FunHouse Amsterdam
  • 25.07.2019 — Pride Amersfoort
  • 20.07.2019 — COC Walkin Eindhoven
  • 27.06.2019 — FunHouse SexySide
  • 08.06.2019 — FunHouse Amsterdam
  • 20.04.2019 — FunHouse Amsterdam
  • COC Cocktail Party Amsterdam — 20.04.2019
  • 19.04.2019 — Club Church Kick Off Ik Slik, Slik Jij
  • 16.03.2019 — COC Party Eindhoven
  • 29.12.2018 — Bear Necessity
  • 22.12.2018 — Funhouse Christmas edition
  • 13.12.2018 — MSM Club Church
  • 23.11.2018 — Nationaal Soa*Hiv*Seks congres
  • 13.10.2018 — Funhouse October Fest
  • 06.10.2018 — Coming out Week Lelystad
  • 08.09.2018 — Church Street Festival
  • 15.09.2018 — COC Eindhoven Cocktail
  • 04.08.2018 — Gay Pride boat
  • 27.07.2018 — AIDS2018 internationale conferentie
  • 26.07.2018 — AIDS2018 internationale conferentie
  • 25.07.2018 — AIDS2018 internationale conferentie
  • 24.07.2018 — AIDS2018 internationale conferentie
  • 23.07.2018 — AIDS2018 internationale conferentie
  • 29.07.2018 — Milkshake 2018
  • 28.07.2018 — Milkshake 2018
  • 10.02.2018 — European PrEP Summit
  • 09.02.2018 — European PrEP Summit
  • 01.12.2017 — World AIDS day / Love dance
  • 25.11.2017 — Wasteland
  • 18.11.2017 — Funhouse
  • 07.01.2017 — Prik Expat PrEPtalk
  • 07.10.2017 — Bear Necessity
  • 06.08.2017 — Rapido
  • 05.08.2017 — Funhouse
  • 29.07.2017 — Milkshake 2017
  • 28.07.2017 — Milkshake 2017
  • 24.09.2016 — Beertjesdag NZ sauna
  • 07.08.2016 — Rapido
  • 06.08.2016 — Bear Necessity
  • 06.08.2016 — Funhouse XXL
  • 05.08.2016 — Invasion
  • 02.08.2016 — COC’s Shakespearclub
  • 25.07.2016 — Roze Maandag Tilburg
  • 21.07.2016 — Pride Amersfoort

In July 2017, we started a low-threshold consultation with a medical professional for people seeking knowledge about PrEP. We also assisted individuals in obtaining PrEP when it was still unaffordable at Dutch pharmacies. Due to its high popularity and limited capacity, from October 2017, we had to switch to biweekly workshops. During these group consultations, participants receive information about what PrEP is, how to use it safely, and how to obtain it. We have both a representative from the gay community and a medical professional present to provide accurate and easily understandable information. The group setting allowed for collective reflection on the general and sexual health of the participants, enabling them to learn from one another.

More than 270 men have already attended these workshops.

We have now discontinued these workshops.

PrEPnu considers it important that an increasing number of healthcare providers become competent and familiar with prescribing PrEP. PrEPnu has been present at several training sessions for healthcare professionals, where we provided insight into the motivation behind the desire to use PrEP.

PrEPnu was represented at the following meetings for healthcare professionals:

  • National Soa*Hiv*Sex congress — 23.11.2018
    (in collaboration with WeArePrepared)
  • Amsterdam General Practitioner Training lunch meeting — 07.11.2018
    (in collaboration with Jan van Bergen & Simone Vriend)
  • General Practitioners information meeting in the Amsterdam region — 24.04.2018
    (in collaboration with GGD Amsterdam, Rob Hermanussen, Jan van Bergen)
  • “Hiv on the agenda” meeting — 19.04.2018

PrEPnu would like to thank the following individuals for their selfless investment of their talent, energy, and time in the project:

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