‘Being on PrEP has been good for business ;-)’

I’ve never been very worried about getting HIV, but of course it’s better to prevent it if you can. And since I’m not too fond of condoms, it seemed a logical choice for me to get on PrEP. For both private and professional reasons actually, because I’m also a sex worker. I used to be very strict on using condoms with clients, but this did limit my clientele. So I could say being on PrEP has been good for business as well. ? I’m originally from Madrid, and I noticed that the attitude towards PrEP is quite different there. Once when I was back in Spain I was aggressively harassed on Grindr for being on PrEP. So I just decided to put in my profile that I’m positive, that was easier. But it all comes down to lack of information I guess. I’m glad people are generally more informed on PrEP here.