PrEP is a pill that can prevent you from contracting HIV. PrEP is safe and effective, as scientifically proven. Since 2012, PrEP has been available to everyone in the US, and since 2016 in the Netherlands. PrEP is not covered by health insurance, but you can get 30 PrEP pills for as little as 20 euros. PrEP can only be purchased with a prescription. Read the PrEPnu Step-by-Step Guide on how to access PrEP in the Netherlands.

PrEP is available through a national scheme at the Public Health Services (GGD) with a contribution of €7.50 for 30 pills. The associated healthcare provided by the GGD is free. However, the number of spots for this scheme is limited. Many GGDs have waiting lists, and it's possible that the spots in your region are already filled. Your local GGD can provide you with more information on this. Can't or don't want to wait? Obtain PrEP through your general practitioner or your regional HIV treatment center. The costs then vary per pharmacy (see our price list), but it can be as little as about 20 euros per month.

For daily use:
No need to panic! If you use PrEP daily, you can still take the pill up to 12 hours after the scheduled time. If it's been more than 12 hours, it's better to skip the pill. Even if you forget to take the pill 1 or 2 times a week, PrEP remains a highly reliable protection against HIV.

For use around sex:
If you use PrEP only around the time of sexual activity, it's crucial to take your pills on time. Again, you have up to 12 hours after the scheduled time to take the pill. After that, resume the original schedule (i.e., take the next pill 24 and 48 hours after the first two pills).

If you forget to take the pills before having sex or if you've missed several pills, you are NOT ADEQUATELY PROTECTED against HIV. In that case, contact the GGD (Public Health Service) or a hospital to discuss whether you may be eligible for a PEP (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis) treatment.

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You can buy PrEP from any pharmacy or online provider as long as you have a prescription from your general practitioner or healthcare provider. Your general practitioner or healthcare provider cannot obligate you to purchase PrEP from a specific provider designated by them.
Right to free choice In the Netherlands, you have the right to free choice in healthcare. Therefore, you are allowed to decide for yourself from which pharmacy you want to obtain your medications. However, the policy terms of a health insurance plan may limit your options. For instance, an internet policy that costs less but requires obtaining medications from an online pharmacy. Ultimately, the decision remains yours.
The price list on our website is regularly updated. The prices mentioned are the prices provided to us by the provider*. We recommend using only online pharmacies that are listed on our website.
  • PrEPnu receives data from the providers. No rights can be derived from this information. PrEPnu makes every effort to keep the price list as up-to-date as possible.
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