Join us!
Join us because the Outreach team of PrEPnu needs reinforcements! This year, PrEPnu aims to be active at various LGBTI events throughout the Netherlands. Think of festivals, pride walks, parties, or informational gatherings. We want to strengthen our advocacy for better PrEP care and also inform the community about PrEP and PrEP services.

If you are genuinely interested in joining our Outreach team, you will receive complimentary tickets for NZ Sauna and Club Church, both located in Amsterdam, as a welcome gesture after attending the meeting.

We request that you make yourself available for a minimum of 4 times per year, mainly on weekends, for our activities. Join us, and sign up NOW!!

PrEPnu, with its Outreach team, is present at major parties and events to educate the general public and especially potential PrEP users about PrEP. By being visibly present, we aim to integrate the understanding of PrEP better within our community.

If you wish to invite PrEPnu to an event, please send an email to Promotion PrEPnu!

Curious about where you can find our team? Check out our Outreach Agenda quickly!