‘Before being on PrEP, I was always scared after condomless sex’

The first times I heard about PrEP, I was a bit hesistant about it. I wasn’t convinced that it would be something for me. My views changed after I hooked up with a guy on PrEP who told me a lot about it. I went to my GP for a prescription, but unfortunately he was very reluctant to help me with PrEP. I have a medical background myself, and was able to convince him in the end. But others may be held back by their doctor’s opposition, which I think is really a bad thing. Before I was on PrEP, I sometimes had sex without a condom, but I was always really scared afterwards. That’s changed completely. I’m fully confident now that PrEP protects me against HIV. And condoms, well… I prefer not to use them anymore. It just feels so much better without.